Worthwhile Skills That Don’t Take Long to Learn

It’s possible to gain new skills in as little as 10 minutes if you properly focus your energies. That’s what we’ve learned through our Top Notch Consultants commitment to learning on the job. You might not become an expert in such a short time, but you can make real improvement in the following areas in just a few minutes:

• Memory: There are so many brain-training games and apps on the market, and we’ve tried many of them around the Top Notch Consultants office. We share recommendations with each other and try to set new high scores so that we’re engaged in the memory-improving challenge.

• Organization: Streamlining our to-do lists is also something that doesn’t take very long but offers immediate benefits. Simply deciding which tasks are most urgent and which can wait is enough to achieve a quick productivity boost. The momentum we build from completing this one task has a way of lasting all through a busy workday.

• Mindfulness: A quick meditation session is all it takes to get in touch with our thoughts. Even 10 minutes of focused breathing can make a huge difference in our overall mind-sets, clearing out negativity and helping us get engaged in the present moment.

We’re making progress in these key areas in as little as 10 minutes at a time. For more of our tips for learning on the job, be sure to like Top Notch Consultants on Facebook.