Success Deserves Recognition and Relaxation

Well, it’s been quite the quarter here at the Top Notch Consultants HQ. We’ve been busy driving sales for our national partners and realizing unprecedented results. In fact, we’ve done so well that there’s talk of expansions in the near future as we’ve connected with new companies. We’re excited about our accomplishments, so to celebrate, we treated our team to a little rest and relaxation.

“We’re always on board with balancing hard work and play,” proclaimed Tony, our Top Notch Consultants President. “To bask in what we’ve done, we took the team for a fun-filled day adventure boating on Lake Norman. We cruised around the lake, went swimming and tubing, and loaded up on some yummy food. We created a lot of memories that day, ones that will only lead to stronger rapports in our office.”

Team-building events like this have positive impacts on Team Top Notch Consultants. Here are a few dividends the investments we make in our office camaraderie pay:

• Better Collaboration and Problem Solving: When people become acquainted in a more relaxed setting, they tend to relate to one another better. This leads to better communication and trust, which opens the door to cohesive teamwork.

• Improved Productivity: Everyone can use a break from the ordinary to rejuvenate in mind and spirit. When we step outside our roles for a day or two, we return ready to take on any challenges and in turn, get more done.

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