Our Commitment to Mentorship

One of the hallmarks of the Top Notch Consultants training program is our belief in the power of coaching. We provide everyone who joins our team with the personal attention and hands-on guidance they need to thrive in our industry. New hires are paired with seasoned brand experts who can offer insider’s perspectives. Tony, our firm’s President, explained that as long as our team has a strong urge to learn, we’ll be honored to provide the necessary tools and knowledge for success.

When it comes to finding the right mentor, there are a few simple strategies that deliver winning results. One thing we try to remember is that being a mentee requires a lot of work. You have to dedicate time and energy if you expect coaching to have a positive impact. It’s essential to find a mentor who is available to offer ongoing assistance, but it’s just as important to commit to the process as you learn.

We’ve also found that, like everything else in the professional realm, having clear goals is a key element of effective coaching. With well-defined expectations in place, both mentor and mentee can get maximum value out of the arrangement. This is something we emphasize through our Top Notch Consultants one-to-one coaching approach.

Finding the right mentor is a key step in any career journey. Like Top Notch Consultants on Facebook to find more of our best suggestions for effective coaching.