Learning and Networking in the Heart of Texas

A few select members of Team Top Notch Consultants recently attended a quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas. Prescott and Landon were chosen for this event, and have already started applying what they learned to achieve their goals.

Tony, our firm’s President, commented, “Our associates were exposed to some innovative marketing techniques during the conference. They received hands-on training in emerging methods and sharpened their existing skills at the same time. It was a remarkable event in that it offered educational value as well as networking potential.”

When it comes to networking, the Dallas conference is tough to beat. The event gathered top performers and influential leaders from all corners of our industry. There were breakout sessions on all kinds of relevant topics, as well as inspiring keynote speeches packed with fresh insights.

We like giving our team members chances to travel to all kinds of rewarding events, for the learning potential as well as the morale boosts. Tony added, “Having travel incentives to work toward keeps engagement high around the Top Notch Consultants office. Recognition is also a big part of our culture, so singling out our top performers to send them to industry functions makes a lot of sense. It’s tough to think of a better way to reward excellent performance than this kind of rewarding trip.”

The Dallas conference is always beneficial for our people. Stay tuned to the Top Notch Consultants Newswire for regular updates on our travel events.