Our Goal-Setting Philosophy

Setting and pursuing clear goals is a major part of the Top Notch Consultants ethos. We start working toward a new objective as soon as the previous one is accomplished. Tony, our firm’s President, explained, “It’s important to not only pursue your own goals, but to support each other so that when one person succeeds, it’s a victory for the entire team.”

When it comes to establishing well-defined targets, we adhere to the SMART strategy. The “S” in this acronym stands for specific, which is a crucial element of any goal. Tony stated, “Our belief is that any objective should be capable of answering questions rather than creating more, so we strive for goals that are clear not only to ourselves, but to others as well.”

The “M” is for measurable, which allows us to monitor our progress as we aim for ambitious targets. We can make adjustments along the path to success if our objectives are measurable. Attainable and realistic are the attributes assigned to the next two letters, and they are of similar value. We don’t set goals that can’t be reasonably achieved and aren’t aligned with our long-term ambitions.

The “T” in SMART means time-sensitive, and it’s another thing we keep in mind when setting goals around the Top Notch Consultants office. With specific deadlines in front of us, we’re better equipped to create effective action steps right from the start.

Our goal-setting approach helps us maintain our firm’s steady growth. Follow Top Notch Consultants on Twitter to learn more about how we set ourselves up for lasting success.