How We Find Valuable Mentors

Mentorship is an essential element in the Top Notch Consultants training program, which is why we pair every new hire with an experienced team member who can provide uniquely helpful insights. As we make progress in our careers, we continue to reap the rewards of having strong mentors. Here are a few practices we apply to find the most helpful allies and learn as much as we can from them.

One thing we try to do is make our interest in learning as obvious as possible. Whenever we connect with an accomplished person who is willing to share his or her expertise, we’re sure to follow up on what we learn from them. We’ve found that doing so increases the odds of receiving even more insights in the future.

We also ask a wide variety of questions whenever we have the chance to spend time with someone who has achieved the same types of goals we’re aiming to accomplish. Rather than prove what we already know to a potential mentor, we seek wisdom from him or her at every opportunity. We want our professional allies to know how much their counsel means to us as individuals and as members of Team Top Notch Consultants.

These simple practices help us find valuable mentors and gain fresh insights from them. Find more of our best strategies for professional education by following Top Notch Consultants on Twitter.